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What does is mean for a family session to use a “child led” approach? It means that the main focus during your session with me will be connection. We will naturally allow for the child to play and run and explore in their environment in a way that lights them up and makes them excited about having their photo taken. This means that when your little one shows me a flower they just found that I can capture their beaming expression of wonder as it unfolds. This means that when they see an opportunity to run around that they feel the freedom to do so. Children naturally shift moods when they are placed in a “yes” environment and I strive to make each session with me feel this way for them. Another benefit of this is that that if we have had a day full big emotions (like we all do sometimes!) and those emotions make their way into our time together that we can take a few moments to breath or sing their favorite song to get us back on track. So often, parents may feel like their family has to “be perfectly presentable” for their photographer. Using this approach is my reminder to my clients that we are all humans experiencing life at different angles. My goal is to photograph any emotions that may arise in our time together.

A few tips to create a child led session together:

  1. Have your child help in choosing their outfit! Giving them a couple of options to choose and including them to feel like they are apart of the decision making may get them more excited to wear their outfit.
  2. Piggybacking on the outfit tip – if your child has a favorite hat, boots, or accessories. Let them bring it! We can always get some without it but what a great way to remember the years that they never left the house without their favorite blue hat.
  3. Choose a location that reflects your child’s age. Are they more comfortable in their own space? Backyard sessions are perfect for this. Do you have a toddler that has a lot of energy? Let’s choose a location with a lot of green space that gives them the freedom to run. A moody pre-teen? Let’s take a walk downtown and maybe there will be some cool shops along the way. You get the idea. The list goes on but choosing a location that reflects the age and interests of your little ones can make a big difference
  4. Get in the mindset! It’s easy to fall into the mentality that your children need to be on their “best behavior” but the truth is I don’t want that at all. I want to feel like a presence of safeness and comfort in a way that they are willing to be who they are in front of my lens while cuddled up in your arms or breaking out into their favorite dance. The most you can do to show up to your session is prepare to be who you are, as you are, with an open heart.